Nigeria (Ebonyi)'s School holiday calendar

School holiday calendar, for the current quarter in Nigeria (Ebonyi)

official calendar - applies to Lagos State
Schooling is mandatory till age 14, but a number of children do not attend school
Teaching language: English, Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo
schools close onSaturday & Sunday
school uniforms required
These dates are officially confirmed till July 2018

Date Weekday Name
January 14, 2019MondayChristmas holiday (end)
February 12, 2019Tuesdaymid-term holiday (beginning)
February 12, 2019Tuesdaymid-term holiday (beginning)
February 19, 2019Tuesdaymid-term holiday (end)
February 27, 2019Wednesdaymid-term holiday (beginning)
March 5, 2019Tuesdaymid-term holiday (end)
March 29, 2019Fridaymid-term holiday (beginning)
April 22, 2019Mondaymid-term holiday (end)
May 27, 2019MondayChildren's Day
June 10, 2019Mondaysummer holiday (beginning) - secondary public schools
July 12, 2019FridaySummer holiday (beginning) - private secondary schools
July 19, 2019Fridayend of school year