School holiday calendar, for the current quarter in North Korea (People's Rep.)

  • 2022 school calendar not available
  • Often, schools don’t have enough funds to operate, so they go on vacation for 10 days or so and order students to collect wild greens, acorns and animal skins. The students call these periods "wild greens vacations" or "acorn vacations"
    Students are required to collect 1 kg of wild greens, 5 kg of acorns, and 3 rabbit skins. They also have to collect 5 kg of wood for heating. Some schools even require students to contribute a pair of gloves for use at construction sites.
    If students cannot meet the quotas for wood, they must provide the school with US $2 instead.
    Tight jeans prohibited
    Haircuts are limited to 15 imposed styles

    North Korean men and women, at the age of 17, are required to participate in military service. Men must serve 10 years, while women “only” 6 years
  • We carry confirmed dates till Jan 2022(29175)
Date Weekday Name
July 19, 2024Fridaysummer holiday (beginning)
August 27, 2024Tuesdaysummer holiday (end)